Shocking Discovery About Bad Breath Treatments for Adults

There has been a shocking discovery about bad breath treatments for adults. It is likely that we have all been led to believe that traditional treatments such as gargling mouthwashes will prevent smelly breath, but is this true? This article will aim to explore this shocking question…

So there’s a good chance if you are reading this that you have either experienced bad breath (scientifically known as Halitosis) or you know someone that has.

But what really causes bad breath?

Well it can be a number of things, if you have recently eaten some strong smelling food such as garlic or onions then your breath may smell bad for quite some time afterwards. However, the natural flow of saliva in a normal person should wash away the smell and so it is only a short term problem. But for someone suffering from chronic bad breath the smell will linger for hours and may even develop without eating anything at all.

So what causes this chronic bad breath?

Well ultimately it all comes down to the bacteria in the mouth. Though the bacteria does have a useful function in that it helps digestion by breaking down food molecules, it has the unfortunate side effect of creating a lot of sulfur in the mouth. As the bacteria carries out the process of digestion, it excretes a lot of volatile sulfur compounds. It is well known that sulfur does not smell very nice and the sulfur being produced in the mouth is no exception.

The only scientifically proven method of preventing bad breath is to clean the mouth with oxygenating products.

So your wondering how many people actually have smelly breath…

According to the American Dental Association about 50% of Americans suffer from smelly breath and a further half of that 50% are chronic sufferers. It seems unfair that some people have this unpleasant condition as it can be embarrassing at times, but the reason for it is that some people have an excess of bacteria in the mouth and therefore more sulfur is produced in the oral cavity. It is often due to a dry mouth that a person can develop chronic bad breath. The dry conditions are a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria and so strong bad breath treatments for adults will be required.

But surely all mouthwashes will get rid of foul breath?

To put it simply – no, they are a waste of money. Though there are many bad breath treatments for adults such as mouthwashes, mints and strong toothpastes, they only mask bad odors with nice smells, they are temporary measures and do not address the root of the problem – the bacteria that is producing the excess sulfur compounds. Furthermore, many of them contain alcohol which will dry the mouth creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria (this is why you will often get morning breath – your mouth gets dry at night as you are not swallowing).